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Here we have posted every single weekly Top 40 chart according to Billboard Magazine. Click on a year on the top menu of every page to view the entire year’s charts. For a deeply comprehensive list of all Billboard charted singles ever released, in chronological order, please visit our companion site:



We are only three people working daily on each individual chart, and another adding new content as we go along. However, we are working on forming new content and new stats and facts pages to go with these weekly charts. Those are coming soon. We are making sure these charts are 100% complete and accurate. The 2000’s are being worked on as we can compile the information. It’s taking a bit of time, so please be patient and we will get those up soon.


We are three guys (John Michaelson, Jarrett Nolan and Stan Messmer) all associated in the music industry and/or the radio industry, and posted these charts for the public to use as research, entertainment and educational purposes only. The contact form below gets you directly to us if you wish to learn more, ask a question about the charts, the musicians and their music. We have tons of resources for research and will look up anything you may want, or need to know. Researching music is our business and it’s our pleasure to assist anytime anyone wants this information. We do not charge for this service but are working to create a full fledged service on the internet to make this research available professionally.

ELEMENTS (How to use the site):

Each week you will see the date, followed by a line that reads: “TW LW TITLE-Artist (Label)-Weeks on Chart (Peak Position)” (that varies depending on the information at the time of posting):

  • TW = is the current week’s chart position.The+Jacksons+-+Show+You+The+Way+To+Go+-+7-+RECORD-324631
  • LW = is the previous week’s chart position.
  • TITLE = is the title of the record as it appeared on the original single release. This may vary depending on Billboard’s original listing, or the sources we obtain the information from.
  • ARTIST = is the artist of the record originally as it appeared on the charts upon its initial release.
  • LABEL = is the original record label according to its official release date (where provided). The missing information in the 80’s are being compiled currently and we are working toward completing all chart information.
  • WEEKS ON CHART = is the complete weeks a specific record appeared on the entire Hot 100 charts.
  • PEAK POSITION = is where a specific record peaked on the Hot 100 charts.
  • WEEKS AT #1 = is the weeks a specific song spent at #1 (of course only valid for #1 songs).

Each week is cut into segments that are:

  • THE TOP 40 FOR THE WEEK ENDING = The complete Top 40 of that week, broken up in groups of 10. Each entry includes the current position, last week’s position, artist, title, weeks on charts, it’s peak position and record label (where available).
  • THIS WEEKS DROPS = These are the songs that fell off of the Top 40 for that week. In some cases this section will be empty, as some songs fell completely off the Top 100 for that week, and to accurately list them will take a little bit of patience and work to find that song’s information.
  • POWER PLAYS = These are songs that have risen the Top 100 to land just outside of the Top 40 and are potential Top 40 hits for the upcoming weeks. Naturally, not all records made the Top 40, but the majority of these Power Plays will appear in the Top 40 in coming weeks, as some will fall back down the charts without reaching the top. And occasionally a song will shoot past the Power Play section, not being listed, but to immediately land in the Top 40. This section is also reserved for what radio station would have called a RECURRENT. These are songs that remain active for radio station airplay before it fell off the charts completely, or re-entered the charts and/or rotation.
  • NEW THIS WEEK = These are the songs that debuted in the Hot 100 that specific week. If you just look up all of the new releases of the week, every single would equal up to just about every “hit single” ever released. You can also see all of these debuts listed in chronological order at our companion site:

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