Here we have posted every single weekly Top 40 chart according to Billboard Magazine. Above you will find a menu that is labeled “ALLCHARTS“. Click on a year to view the entire year’s charts all on one page. To the right there are 3 menus. “GO TO A YEAR” will list each weeks individual charts in descending order. Just scroll the page to find the week you want to view. “GO TO A MONTH” will take you to every month you choose for all the years (in other words, click on “January” and you will be able to scroll through all the Januarys from 1955 to 2000).


Some charts are still in the works and not yet posted. Those will be completed and posted in the near future. Please, do not write me asking when these will be posted, as I do not know how long it will take to complete these charts. But I am working on them right now and hope to have them up before Summer 2014.


A “Singles Chronology” is being being put up online, located (HERE) and, when complete, will be the comprehensive list of every single released onto the Billboard Hot 100 from January 1955 to December 2013. Also included within those entries, will be Rock Chart singles from 1981 to 2013. In the 80’s, rock singles were very close to the Pop/Top 40 charts, so with those included will give you an even wider perspective of the songs and artists we listened to regularly. The link to the “Singles Chronology” will open up in a new tab or page.


Each week you will see the date, followed by a line that reads: “TW LW TITLE-Artist (Label)-Weeks on Chart (Peak Position)” (that varies depending on the information at the time of posting)

  • TW = This week’s chart position.
  • LW = Last week’s chart position.
  • TITLE = Of course is the title of the record as it appeared on the original single release.
  • ARTIST = Of course is the artist of the record originally as it appeared on the charts upon its initial release.
  • LABEL = The original record label according to its official release date.
  • WEEKS ON CHART = Is the complete weeks the record appeared on the entire Hot 100 charts.
  • PEAK POSITION = Where that specific record peaked on the Hot 100 charts.

To the best of my ability I have included the original record label.


At times re-issues were posted based on the availability. Special thanks to for the entire lot of record labels and picture sleeves. In many cases I have added both the label and the picture sleeve, because I found both to be just as fascinating. When I was a kid I used to read record labels and picture sleeves to learn much about the records I played often. As a disc jockey at radio stations, that knowledge has become very useful. Each week is cut into segments that are:

  • PART ONE: The complete Top 40 of that week broken up in groups of 10.
  • THIS WEEKS DROPS = These are the songs that fell off of the Top 40 for that week.
  • POWER PLAYS = These are songs that have risen the Top 100 to land just outside of the Top 40 and are potential Top 40 hits. Not all records made the Top 40, but the majority of these Power Plays will appear in the Top 40 in coming weeks.
  • NEW THIS WEEK = These are the songs that debuted in the Hot 100 that specific week. This does not necessarily mean the song hit the Top 40, but if you just look up all of the new releases of the week, all of them would equal up to every hit single ever released. Those are my favorite entries because you will find many lost and forgotten gems, some you’ve heard before but never appeared as a hit single, or a radio hit you may have heard but didn’t know it had an official release (many of those appear in the 80’s due to MTV Music Television playing many of these records, but they never made it big).


We have suggestions already up for Album charts, Country charts and years prior to 1955 and years after 2000. Those will be in the works in the near future. We are also considering an on-going weekly chart but that may not be available through permission from Billboard Magazine/Website. That remains to be seen but it is within our thoughts. We also have suggestions for Disco charts, Active Rock/Modern charts, Soul charts, etc… Those are also being considered. By following us you will get those updates as we post them. Or you can go to our “UPDATES” page and read through what is going on with us regarding this site.


We will tell you that these charts are 100% accurate and complete. However, after years and decades of collecting this information, we cannot say that we haven’t made mistakes.  It was hard to proof read all of this material as time would not permit that kind of dedication. So we may have made some mistakes and you are more than welcome to point those out. We encourage your participation in helping us make these pages 100% perfect. More information is posted below.

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Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? Did we make a mistake? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHEN A SONG DEBUTED OR PEAKED OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT SONGS/ARTISTS OR ALBUMS, Please leave comments below. We took pride in putting these charts together and after several years (in some cases, decades) we realized possible mistakes, or simple typing errors or information mix-ups and want so much to make all pages 100% accurate. So please make sure your correction is completely accurate.

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